Samsung Doesn’t Want to Buy SanDisk Anymore

Samsung Doesn’t Want to Buy SanDisk Anymore


Just like any good daytime soap opera, the drama between Samsung and SanDisk continues to entertain us. At first, we heard about Samsung wanting to buy SanDisk so that it could assert its dominance in the flash memory market.

Some people said that Samsung was just taking advantage of the currently undervalued SanDisk and that the deal would never go through. Sure enough, SanDisk told Samsung to bugger off, saying that they were not at all interested in getting purchased by the Korean giant.

So, how did Samsung respond to this rejection? By retracting its bid to buy SanDisk, effectively saying the tech industry equivalent of “Pfft. It’s not like I wanted you in the first place.” More specifically, Samsung is saying that “there is too much risk in SanDisk for that offer to stand.”