iPhone Invaded by Ford Flex Photo Lab

iPhone Invaded by Ford Flex Photo Lab


Even though several Ford vehicles have that Sync system that is largely designed to work with the Microsoft Zune, Ford is also showing some love to the Apple fanboys out there too. Turning Detroit’s attention to Cupertino is the new Flex Photo Lab app for the Apple iPhone.

Working in tandem with the all-new 2009 Ford Flex, the Ford Flex Photo Lab effectively works like a slimmed down version of PhotoShop for your iPhone. We’re talking super slimmed down, but it’s nice having some rudimentary photo editing software on your handheld. And yes, it works with the iPod touch as well.

You can apply filters, improve image quality, add effects, and son. Flex Photo Lab comes in two parts. Darkroom is for adding effects (brightness, saturation, electric lights, burn, etc.) and Discover FLEX shows off Ford’s new vehicle.

UPDATE: A couple of readers have reminded me that the SYNC system is designed to work with most MP3 players and cell phones and not just the Zune. Just thought I’d enter that clarification here for y’all.