Stationery Maker King Jim Unveils Pomera Digital Memo

Stationery Maker King Jim Unveils Pomera Digital Memo


What? You thought the Eee PC was small? Wait until you get a load of this thing from Tokyo-based stationery maker King Jim. Sure, Jimmy may be more inclined to provide you with pens and pencils, but he’s also got some techie wares for you to consider too. You know, like the new Pomera digital memo.

This super ultra-mobile handheld device is meant to be an add-on for notebooks and PCs, but it seems to be able to function just find on its own. The whole thing folds right up, including a 250mm wide QWERTY keyboard that folds in half for easy transport. This is probably easier to use than the tiny keyboards on certain smartphones and PDAs. Other specs include a 4-inch VGA monochrome display and microSD expansion. There’s no Internet or email support though.

King Jim will start shipping the Pomera Digital Memo to the people of Japan on November 10 for $260.