IMOVIO Subnetbook Fits in Palm of Hand


    Yes, you read that correctly. Just as netbooks are also known as subnotebooks, the IMOVIO could quite possibly be one of the first subnetbooks to hit the market. It’s definitely smaller than the netbooks that are already onthe market, but it seems to offer a similar level of functionality. It’s up to you to decide if it’s a step up from a PDA or higher-end e-dictionary.

    Fitting in the palm of your hand or in the confines of a fairly large pocket, the IMOVIO features a full QWERTY keyboard and a color display, allowing you to surf the web through the integrated Wi-Fi radio. If you prefer, you can also tether your way to the net via a compatible phone and Bluetooth. Rounding out the features is a built-in webcam and a Linux-based operating system.

    Whereas most netbooks fall into the $300-$600 range, the IMOVIO carries a retail price of just $175.