Waterproof MP3 Player Boasts Color E-Paper Display

Waterproof MP3 Player Boasts Color E-Paper Display


Devices like the Amazon Kindle may come with e-paper displays, but they’re restricted to the grayscale end of things. Rocking out in full color e-paper is the this Freestyle Audio MP3 player. The player itself isn’t all that exciting, but it does replace the conventional screen with a color-capable e-ink display.

Think about this. The display on an MP3 player does not need to refresh all that often, because it just shows what song is currently playing. In this way, the screen only needs to show new information every few minutes. By going with color e-paper, you can save a fair bit of power while retaining a similar level of utility. The e-paper comes from Qualcomm and it consists of several layers for the different colors. The colors are achieved by varying the distance between the layers electrostatically.

If this works as advertised, then I foresee much more widespread use of color e-paper in e-book readers and similar devices.