The T-Mobile G1 Android Rap (Video)

The T-Mobile G1 Android Rap (Video)


While some people may worship at the altar of Steve, it seems that fans in the Android community prefer to be a little more urban with their admiration of the T-Mobile G1. An enthusiast from the Android Forums has put together a rather elaborate rap song about the newly released T-Mobile G1.

In case you can’t keep up with the lyrics that they spit, the forum post contains full lyrics for your reading pleasure. I true rap fashion, the Android rap song takes a few shots at direct competitors, specifically the Apple iPhone.

Don’t listen to the iPhone Fanbois man… they’re just Bad Apples,
The reason I show G1 love
Is for the G1s looks AND what the G1 does

All they need now is a remix that includes either Lil Wayne or Young Jeezy and they’re golden. Yea-yeah!