Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta 2 Mobile Browser Has Widgets

Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta 2 Mobile Browser Has Widgets


The mobile browsing experience is getting closer and closer to the desktop experience, especially with this latest beta release of Opera Mobile. For the first time on a mobile device (as far as we can recollect), you will have the opportunity to enjoy widgets on a mobile browser. This comes with the release of Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta 2.

You know you can expand the functionality of Mozilla Firefox on your laptop or desktop using a series of add-ons and plug-ins? The widget functionality of Opera Mobile 9.5 works in much the same way, opening the window to all sorts of SDK-fueled third-party add-ons. This can prove to be remarkably useful, but it can also result in something that is terribly cluttered.

Opera Mobile 9.5 is supposed to be substantially faster than its predecessor, but widget support is the big story here. That is, until Firefox Mobile comes along with widget support of its own.