Acura RDX GPS Navigation Linked to Climate Control System

Acura RDX GPS Navigation Linked to Climate Control System


In-car technology is advancing just as quickly as all other types of technology, and the Acura RDX is perhaps one of the better examples of this. The luxury crossover happens to have both climate control and an embedded GPS navigation system, but did you know that these two systems are actually linked?

The GPS side of the equation is actually optional, but if you opt for this additional package, you also get some pretty funky functionality. As it turns out, the GPS unit can detect the car’s movement relative to the position of the sun and as the car moves further away from the sun (or closer toward the sun), the climate control system can adjust the in-car temperature accordingly.

I realize that distance from the sun plays a role in the ambient temperature, but given the relatively minute changes over the course of a car ride, is this functionality actually useful? To find out, you’ll need to fork out about $38,000 to buy an RDX. Or you could take one for a test drive. It’s up to you.