Windows Mobile 6.1 Pushed to Samsung Ace

Windows Mobile 6.1 Pushed to Samsung Ace


This QWERTY smartphone certainly shares some DNA with some of its Samsung brethren and now it’s going to join the Windows Mobile 6.1 party as well. When you first purchased the Samsung Ace from Sprint, it was only loaded with Windows Mobile 6.0. You can now push that dated operating system aside.

The Windows Mobile 6.1 update for the Ace brings about a series of bug fixes and it makes the device “more stable than ever.” The new firmware update also brings about a completely unlocking of the integrated GPS chip found inside, so you can now use that functionality to find your way around town. No more excuses for getting lost, because you have access to Sprint Navigator or your choice of a third-party app.

The Samsung Ace firmware update can be found through the Samsung Mobile website.