Telus Jumps Gun on Touch Pro, Offers Diamond Instead

Telus Jumps Gun on Touch Pro, Offers Diamond Instead


Even if you check out the latest weekly flyer from Future Shop today, you’ll notice that the Canadian electronics retailer is listing the Telus HTC Touch Pro for $239.99 with contract. Unfortunately, it seems that they have made a mistake. Again. And we’re the ones who are paying for it.

The ad in the flyer points toward the HTC Touch Pro from Telus, but it seems that the QWERTY-packing slider is not yet ready for public consumption. There is a correction notice available and it says the lack of availability is due to the vendor’s shipping delays. This is according to last week’s flyer. In its place, Future Shop reps are told to offer customers the Telus HTC Touch Diamond for $99.99 (three-year contract) instead.

As I said, the $239.99 HTC Touch Pro is still showing up in this week’s flyer, so I’m wondering if they have it all sorted out now or if they’ve printed yet another mistake.