More Standalone Best Buy Mobile Stores Coming

More Standalone Best Buy Mobile Stores Coming


I guess the cell phone game is going quite well for the guys in blue and yellow, so much so that the company plans to further expand its Best Buy Mobile branding with more standalone stores. Set to be located within shopping malls across the country, the Best Buy Mobile stores allow customers to purchase handsets from a number of different carriers, as well as unlocked phones for a premium price.

The last two years have been spent revamping the cell phone sections of its stores into “stores within stores”. These Best Buy Mobile locations have apparently been quite successful and they stand to get locations of their own. To date, there are 30 Best Buy Mobile standalone locations in the United States. The goal of the BBM stores is to attract people who would not otherwise venture into the larger Best Buy stores.

Naturally, the Geek Squad will be available at the Best Buy Mobile stores as well, in case you need help with Bluetooth pairing or something.