Clear Skies for Rogers, No Storm Coming

Clear Skies for Rogers, No Storm Coming


Normally, when the weather report calls for a complete lack of storms, it’s a good thing. That is not the case today. Despite earlier reports to contrary, Rogers Wireless will not be picking up the touchscreen-equipped BlackBerry Storm. No Storm for Rogers.

There was a rumor floating around yesterday that Rogers negotiated some sort of deal with Research in Motion that would bring the first touchscreen BlackBerry into the GSM fold, but that was not the case. The source of the rumor, as it turns out, was just a few uneducated customer service reps, blurting out information that simply was not true.

Rogers Wireless spokesperson Elizabeth Hamilton put the rumors to rest by saying that while she can’t comment in advance on what the Rogers’ holiday lineup will ring, she can confirm that “it does not include the BlackBerry Storm.”