Robot-Looking 3D Webcam from Minoru

Robot-Looking 3D Webcam from Minoru


While you can find a webcam on the market with pretty good resolution these days, they largely restrict you to just two dimensions of imagery. You’ll need an adequately-equipped display, but if you pick up this Minoru 3D webcam, you can effectively send your likeness in three dimensions.

The styling of the webcam itself reminds of WALL-E. Not the character, but just the whole thing with supporting robots and all that. Or maybe I’m thinking of R.O.B. from Nintendo’s Gyromite fame. Whatever the case, the Minoru webcam boasts dual lenses (one for each “eye”) to provide 3D imagery.

In order to watch the resulting 3D video, you’ll need to whip out those old red-and-blue glasses, because that’s how the Minoru webcam outputs its 3D video. And yes, you can use it with Windows Live Messenger, Skype, AIM, and OoVoo.