You Might Get Your T-Mobile G1 This Friday

You Might Get Your T-Mobile G1 This Friday


After months and months of rumor-mongering, the first official Google phone is finally ready for the primetime and it seems that the mass public will get its first official taste of Android this Friday. According to insider ninjas, the T-Mobile G1 is already being shipped out to customers from T-Mobile and the first deliveries are scheduled for this Friday.

As you may recall, there are over 1.5 million pre-orders for the Google Android-powered T-Mobile G1, so when you actually receive the phone will really depend how far along in that queue you are. If you’re early in the list, you could be getting a pleasant surprise in the mail this Friday, a full five days ahead of the scheduled launch date.

Maybe you need to call in sick at work. You wouldn’t want to miss that delivery and then wait a whole weekend to get flipping, touching, and QWERTYing with Android, would you? Not that I condone calling in sick for work when you’re not actually sick…