Sega Dreamcast Portable for Power Stone on the Go (Video)

Sega Dreamcast Portable for Power Stone on the Go (Video)


Aside from a strangely rebranded MP4 player, Sega doesn’t really have a presence in the hardware market anymore. That’s why you have to turn to the enthusiast community to find what could be the second coming of the Sega Game Gear.

Yes, it’s got a color display, but does it have blast processing? It took a little bit of tinkering, but a fanboy (who really needs to clip his fingernails) has created a portable version of the legendary Sega Dreamcast. The homemade handheld is nowhere near as portable as the DS Lite or the PSP, but it’s rocking Dreamcast inside! Fighting game junkies like me would totally dig this, because it grants portable access to such games as Marvel vs. Capcom and PowerStone. Oh, and there’s that blue hedgehog too.

You can thank Hailrazer from the Ben Heck forums for this wonderful creation. Sega, this is how you re-enter the hardware game.