New Apple MacBooks Include iPhone Headset Integration

New Apple MacBooks Include iPhone Headset Integration


Here’s an interesting little tidbit that flew under the radar during yesterday’s MacBook announcements. As it turns out, the new notebooks from Apple come with integrated support for iPhone headsets.

Big deal, right? So you can use a set of standard 3.5mm headphones with a laptop that has a 3.5mm jack, right? Well, the integration actually goes further than that. If you boot up iTunes to listen to your music, you can use the little button on your iPhone headset to control your tunes. Click it once to pause (and once more to resume), twice to advance a track, and three times to move back a track.

Better still, the microphone built into the iPhone headset also shows up as a microphone on your MacBook, so you can go ahead and use that for your online Skype chats and other microphone-laden tasks.