Palm Centro Dressed Up in Festive Colors

Palm Centro Dressed Up in Festive Colors


Even though it may not be the most powerful or most attractive smartphone on the block, the Palm Centro has managed to do just fine for itself. Trying to push a few more sales during the holiday season, Palm is going to offer the Centro in two new colors.

The chosen hues are not quite the vibrant red and green that we’ve come to associate with Christmas, but they’re kind of close. The touchscreen mobile will come in what appears to be a spinach green (Popeye would approve) and a rosy red that is bordering more on the pink-magenta spectrum. Aside from the new colors, there’s not much else that is different with these Centro smartphones. They do get double the RAM (128MB) though.

Look for the Palm Centro in “red” and “green” to find its way through Sprint for $79, assuming that you’ll do the two-year contract. They’ll be made available between October 19 and January 10.