No Buttons for Glass Multi-Touch Trackpad on New MacBooks

No Buttons for Glass Multi-Touch Trackpad on New MacBooks


When I use a notebook and I don’t have an external mouse on me, I still have a tendency to use the buttons below the trackpad rather than tapping on the trackpad itself. Call me old school. If I were to grab a new MacBook, I’d have to learn the newer method though, because these new Macs won’t have physical buttons accompanying their trackpads at all.

You know how MacBooks, up until now, have had that single button below the trackpad? For the new generation, Apple is ditching that, getting you to tap on the trackpad instead. Further still, the trackpad has been upgraded to a glass multi-touch number. That’s right: it’s glass like the iPhone. Further still, the trackpad will accept all sorts of multi-touch gestures, using up to four fingers to perform various tasks.

Using the multi-touch — which will probably take a little bit of learning on your part — you’ll be able to switch between applications, flip through a photo slideshow, and do all sorts of other things.