Next-Generation MacBook Unveiled, Made from Aluminum Too

Next-Generation MacBook Unveiled, Made from Aluminum Too


Most of us saw this one coming. While the current generation of Apple MacBooks is constructed of glossy plastic, the new generation announced today takes on the same aluminum shell that you find on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Forget about the cheap plastic; it’s all about metal, baby!

Aside from the aluminum upgrade (the new MacBook is made from the new “brick” manufacturing process), these MacBooks come with graphics from an Nvidia 9400M discrete GPU, replacing the integrated Intel graphics of old. The 13.3-inch display is LED-backlit (30% more power efficient) and has the same corner-to-corner glass cover as the MacBook Pro. Battery life is rated at five hours and you get the glass multitouch trackpad too.

If you stll want the old black or white plastic MacBook, Apple is still selling the entry-level model for $999. Alternatively, you can pick up the new aluminum models for $1299 (2.0GHz/160GB/2GB) and $1599 (2.4GHz/250GB). There is also an option for SSD. All of these ship today with availability in store starting tomorrow.