T-Mobile G1 Already a Success Before Actual Launch

T-Mobile G1 Already a Success Before Actual Launch


The actual phone may not be available on the market just yet, but the T-Mobile G1 smartphone is already a resounding success based on the amazing number of preorders. These pre-sale figures have clearly surpassed initial expectations, so I guess you can say that Google Android is going to make quite the huge splash.

To date, the pre-order count for the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream G1) has already reached the 1.5 million mark. These are confirmed pre-orders received through the official T-Mobile website. Because this has surpassed expectations, not everyone with a pre-order will receive a G1 on launch day. They do promise to deliver all the pre-orders by November 10th.

So, where do you stand in the queue? If you placed your pre-order before the third of October, T-Mobile says that you’ll probably get the QWERTY and touchscreen-packing smartphone as early as October 22.