Secondary Notebook PC Monitor Powered by USB

Secondary Notebook PC Monitor Powered by USB


What can you do if you are accustomed to a dual display setup on your desktop computer, but you are migrating over to a notebook PC environment? Yes, most laptops either come with a VGA or a DVI output, but it’s not exactly mobile to lug around a 22-inch LCD along with your notebook when you are on the go.

While it may not offer quite the same amount of real estate that you may get on a dual-screened desktop, this little solution is certainly more portable. What you see here is a 4.3-inch LED backlit display that plugs into your notebook via USB. The little screen boasts a resolution of 800×480 pixels, which should be enough for an instant messenger or something similar.

No, you probably won’t want to use it for real web browsing or image editing, but it’s nice having that second screen. Maybe if they made a slightly larger version though, because this 4.3-incher retails for about $200. You’re halfway to a netbook already!