Apple iPhone 3G Powered by Windows Mobile (Video)

Apple iPhone 3G Powered by Windows Mobile (Video)


In a bite of bitter irony, it is now possible for you to run Windows Mobile on your Apple iPhone, much in the same way that you can run Windows on your Apple MacBook. I thought the biggest appeal of the iPhone was the Cupertino-sourced user interface?

The Windows Mobile hack, courtesy of developer Erik Kristiansen, effectively works in the same way as Bootcamp. When you boot up the iPhone, you are offered the choice between the Apple operating system and the Microsoft one. It proceeds to load your OS of choice and away you go. If this really works, it won’t be long before they come up with VMWare or Parallels-style implementation.

Unfortunately, many viewers have noted that this video could be a complete fraud, a total hoax, and suspiciously ridiculous. They say the phone responds oddly to several touches. Watch for yourself.