RIM Working on BlackBerry Bold-Storm Hybrid with 5MP Camera

RIM Working on BlackBerry Bold-Storm Hybrid with 5MP Camera


I was talking to my friend Matt Freedman a long while ago and we agreed that if RIM made a phone that was similar to the BlackBerry Bold, except with a touchscreen display, that it would sell like hotcakes. It could quite possibly be the perfect business mobile. Well, it seems like our little pipe dream is coming true.

There is a distinct possibility that Research in Motion is working on a BlackBerry superphone that combines a near-HD quality touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard. In this way, we could be looking at a hybrid between the Bold and the Storm in some fashion. Alternatively, RIM could do something similar to the HTC slider phones.

Among the other rumored specs on this yet nonexistent phone are a 5 megapixel autofocus camera and a full gig of RAM. It’s like the Treo on ‘berry-flavored steroids. Another source is saying that second and third generation Storms are already in the works. RIM is really taking touchscreens seriously, even if it may be purchased by Microsoft.