BlackBerry Bold Quality Causes Orange to Ditch It

BlackBerry Bold Quality Causes Orange to Ditch It


If it were not for the pressures from AT&T to create a 3G-enabled BlackBerry, Research in Motion may not have produced the BlackBerry Bold in its current form. There’s good and bad to this situation, however, as it seems that the BlackBerry Bold is suffering from some “quality concerns.”

The “numerous software issues” are so bad that European wireless carrier Orange has decided to dump the BlackBerry Bold 9000 from its lineup. Orange won’t pick up the 3G-enabled smartphone again until RIM releases a firmware update that fixes all of these bugs. The Bold was launched through Orange a few months ago.

Specific issues were not mentioned in a statement from Orange, but they’re clearly bad enough that Orange doesn’t want to deal with the customer complaints. Maybe that’s why AT&T hasn’t launched the phone yet.