Future Shop Breaks Street Date on HTC Touch Pro

Future Shop Breaks Street Date on HTC Touch Pro


To my knowledge, Telus hasn’t even formally announced that it will be picking up the HTC Touch Pro, but that apparently has not stopped electronics retailer Future Shop from selling the hot touchscreen smartphone. At first glance, you may think that this is the unlocked GSM version (which is available for purchase online), but the version on the Future Shop is listed under the Telus category.

In fact, the product name on the Future Shop site is “Telus HTC Touch T7279 Pro Cellular Phone”, so it’s very obvious that this is the Telus take on the QWERTY-equipped touchscreen phone.

From what we hear, Telus will be selling this phone with a three-year contract for $239.99, but Future Shop is selling it sans contract for $649.99. That’s cheaper than the unlocked GSM version, but the Future Shop is currently listing the phone as “out of stock”, so who knows when you’d actually get one. I do find it interesting that it’s “out of stock” and not “coming soon” though, don’t you think?