Behold! T-Mobile Getting Camera-Happy Samsung T919

Behold! T-Mobile Getting Camera-Happy Samsung T919


Yeah, the LG Renoir may be taking pictures at a stunning 8-megapixel resolution, but pixel counts aren’t everything. It seems that T-Mobile is approaching the shutterbugs in the audience with the pending launch of the Samsung T919 Behold. It’s very clear that this is a phone designed to take pictures.

The Samsung T919 Behold has a similar form factor as the LG Renoir, boasting a large touchscreen display and a camera mounted on the back. There’s a five megapixel camera there, but we’re not sure if you get autofocus and face recognition. There is also a secondary camera on the front for video calls, streaming video support, GPS with voice commands, a capacitive touchscreen, microSDHC slot, and a brushed aluminum back.

For now, we hear that T-Mobile will be selling the Samsung Behold for $149 with contract, but that may change between now and launch day. Whenever that is.