Asus Eee PC Tablet Coming in Under Six Months

Asus Eee PC Tablet Coming in Under Six Months


A number of Asus Eee PC netbooks are already equipped with a multitouch-capable trackpad, but that’s not where the touchy-feely experience is going end for the popular Asus computer.

As it turns out, Asus is planning a touchscreen Eee PC for launch some time within the next six months. This means that we could be tapping the display on an Eee PC, legitimately no less, by the first quarter of next year. This comes from Asustek exec Samson Hu.

What’s unclear is whether the touchscreen Eee PC will be strictly a Tablet PC-based device or if it will take on a convertible format like the Gigabyte subnotebooks. We expect the touchscreen Eee PCs to be on display at CES 2009 in Las Vegas.

On a side note, Samson also mentioned the inclusion of Intel Atom dual core processors. Asus president Jerry Chen also chimed in to say that a refreshed $300 Eee is ont he way as well.