More WiMAX Laptop for the XOHM-Powered Masses

More WiMAX Laptop for the XOHM-Powered Masses


It turns out that Acer isn’t the only one announced WiMAX-equipped laptops today, because a couple of other notable companies have thrown their names into the 4G hat as well. Cracking into the XOHM network are offerings from the good people at Lenovo and Toshiba, as well as the Acer laptops you’ve already seen.

As far as I know, Baltimore is the only major city in the United States with an official rollout of Sprint’s WiMAX-based XOHM network, but it won’t be long before other major metropolitan areas get blanketed in the high-speed goodness.

From Toshiba, there is the 13.3-inch Toshiba Satellite U405 seriesLenovo is doing a similar thing with their entire range of notebook PCs.