iPhone Gets Bus-Friendly with Translink Website

iPhone Gets Bus-Friendly with Translink Website


The whole point of owning an Apple iPhone 3G is that you have constant access to the Internet no matter where you go. Even if you happen to get lost, you can now hop over to the iPhone-optimized Translink website and find bus schedules and transit maps to get you home.

Translink is the public transportation system in my hometown of Vancouver and it has just launched a version of its website that is much more friendly to the iPhone environment. Before this, you were still able to access maps and schedules, but they did not really display all that well on the small screen of an iPhone.

It’s not Translink just compressed the images either, because if you tilt your iPhone sideways, the transit maps automatically appear in landscape mode. Switch back to portrait and it has the schedules and bus route information. Nifty. Future plans call for a location-aware app too, so you can get really relevant bus info.

The iPhone-optimized Translink site can be accessed by hitting m.translink.com on your iPhone.