Super Slick Tunes from Sony Ericsson W595 Music Phone

Super Slick Tunes from Sony Ericsson W595 Music Phone


If there is one brand that immediately comes to mind when it comes to portable music enjoyment, it has to be iPod Walkman. The old school Walkman cassette players and the Discman CD players were all the rage back in the day, and Sony Ericsson is trying to continue that market dominance with the W585 Walkman phone.

Recently revealed with full Orange branding, the Sony Ericsson W585s Walkman phone is pretty much like the other Walkman phones that we have seen in the past, meaning that they have managed to meld the world of mobile phones with the realm of mobile music. The W585s is a slider like the W580i before it, but the overall build quality appears to be slightly improved.

For now, it seems that this sliding tune-worthy handset is only available through some Romanian website, but it shouldn’t be long before non-Romanians can get their hands on it too.