Android-Powered zzzPhone Ain’t No Snoozer

Android-Powered zzzPhone Ain’t No Snoozer


Some time ago, I wrote about the zzzPhone from China and how the manufacturer was willing to customize the handset however you’d like. From what I could remember, the zzzPhone was powered by some Windows Mobile-looking building of Linux and that was pretty much your only option for an OS. With the arrival of the T-Mobile G1, something major is about to change.

The fully customizable zzzPhone may soon be available with Google Android, ushering a whole new of era of fully personalized mobile experiences. Not only can you equip your chosen zzzPhone with multiple cameras, tons of storage, and a QWERTY keyboard, but you’ll presumably be able to customize your OS as developers start creating variations of Android.

We can’t exactly speak to the build quality or usability of the custom zzzPhone models, but if this little manufacturer is able to do Android, it won’t be long before everyone else joins in on the Google fun too.