AMD Cuts Itself in Half, Suicide Watch Not Responsible

AMD Cuts Itself in Half, Suicide Watch Not Responsible


Aside from makers of mobile processors like Marvell and Texas Instruments, the two biggest players in the microprocessor game have to be Intel and AMD. The latter has traditionally played second fiddle to the former, but they’ve made all sorts of attempts to catch up. The latest strategy involves a little bit of self-violence.

It has now been announced that AMD will effectively be splitting its business in half and operating as two semi-separate companies. The half that will continue to design the chips will keep the AMD name, whereas the other half that actually manufactures the chips will take on the name of the Foundry Company, as least for now.

Foundry Company, which is 44% owned by AMD, will continue to manufacture the chips for AMD, but it will also get into manufacturing for other chip designers as well. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Foundry starts making Intel chips?