New Web Browser Included in Samsung Instinct Update

New Web Browser Included in Samsung Instinct Update


When I reviewed the Samsung Instinct several months ago, I said that the web browser wasn’t nearly as intuitive and user-friendly as the one found on the iPhone. I echoed this sentiment when I attended the Canadian launch. I guess those Sammy folks were listening.

The latest Samsung Instinct update aims to fix a few bugs, but the most notable inclusion is an entirely rewritten web browser. It’s not quite the same as the iPhone’s mobile Safari, but this is supposed to be a vast improvement over the outgoing browser. The update is being delivered over-the-air. Access it by going to Menu, Settings, General, and Update Phone.

The BH29 Samsung Instinct update resolves 249 support tickets and improves the speed of the web browser, as well as updating the the way that the browser displays pages. You can toggle the browser controls now too.