Fido Can’t Support All These Data Users

Fido Can’t Support All These Data Users


No, this is not the bandwidth issue that AT&T is facing in the United States. Instead, it appears that Fido has run out of IP addresses altogether. What this means is that several paying customers are not able to access the Internet in the consistent manner promised by Fido.

You need an IP address to be able to access the Internet on your iPhone 3G, for example, and Fido simply does not have enough of these to go around. As a result, when you try to access the web, you may come back empty-handed for several hours, even days at a time. Fido says that it will provide “reparations” for customers who are without service for more than 24 hours, but it’s unclear exactly what sort of “reparations” are going to be given.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only “fix” to this problem, at least for now, is to “return a customer’s device to factory settings and lose ALL stored data, customizations, etc.” Fido has said that it is aware of the problem but has not provided a timeline (or strategy) for fixing it.