Built-In Projector Found on China Mobile Phone

Built-In Projector Found on China Mobile Phone


Yes, handsets like the HTC Touch HD and Apple iPhone appear to come with some rather large and crisp displays, but they are still limited to their physical dimensions. Going much bigger than that is the N70-B, a Chinese phone that happens to have an integrated projector.

In effect, your tiny two or three-inch display is stretched out into an image that is as large as 64 inches and it can be shot onto a wall up to 2 meters away. The smallest legible projection is equivalent to a 34-inch display and this is from about one meter away from the wall (or some other flat surface).

Better still, this phone will accept external inputs like DVD players, personal media players, and your notebook, meaning that you are not limited to only the contents of the phone itself. Rounding out the specs are dual-band GSM (900/1800), 2.4-inch touchscreen display, VGA camera, and microSD expansion. Priced at $371.90.