BlackBerry Storm Copy and Paste Revealed

BlackBerry Storm Copy and Paste Revealed


For whatever reason, the Apple iPhone seems to lack in the ability to do a copy-and-paste. Research in Motion didn’t want to fall into this same problem, so the upcoming BlackBerry Storm has no trouble copying and pasting your text between fields. How exactly does it work?

Well, the BlackBerry Storm does not have a multi-touch display, but it is able to effectively read your contact points in multiple locations somehow. To do a copy and paste, you simply hit both the starting and ending points of your selected text at the same time using two fingers. All the stuff in between gets highlighted. If you need to adjust the starting or ending points, you can do so with a click and drag.

After being satisfied with the highlighted section, you hit Menu and then Copy. From there, you go over to your selected target area, select Menu and then Paste. If you want to get rid of the highlighted area altogether, simply hit escape. Sound simple enough, right?