Rogers/Fido Still Has $30/6GB Data Plan

Rogers/Fido Still Has $30/6GB Data Plan


As you may have heard the promotional 6GB for $30 data plan from Rogers and Fido was only supposed to be around until the end of August. After that, the Canadian GSM provider decided to extend the promotion to the end of September. After October 1st rolled around, potential iPhone 3G users felt pretty sad that they couldn’t get in on 6GB of data for $30 any more. Apparently, they still can.

Yes, while the promotional period was supposed to come to an official end on September 30, it seems that Rogers dealers across Canada are still able to tack it on to new service agreements. This is on a somewhat unofficial basis, but the $30/6GB data plan is still in the Rogers system, so if you ask really nice, the dealer just might do it for you.

There’s no saying how long this unofficial promotional extension will last, so if you want to get in on six gigs of data, you’d better do it soon. Otherwise, $30 is only going to buy you a single gig each month.