Japandroid: Google Android Invades Japan Next Year

Japandroid: Google Android Invades Japan Next Year


A giant robot roaming through the streets of Tokyo? Why am I reminded of so many sci-fi movies? Sure, you may replace Godzilla and Ultraman with Google in this case, but it seems that Android will be making its official debut in Japan starting next year.

NTT DoCoMo has officially announced that it will be offering at least one Google Android smartphone as part of its lineup for 2009. This jumps the gun over competitors KDDI and SoftBank. It’s unclear whether NTT DoCoMo will be getting the same HTC Dream G1 as T-Mobile USA, but we do hear that they’ll be doing the Android thing during the first half of next year.

Somehow, given the cell phone situation in Japan, I have a feeling that the Tokyo-bound Android phone will be cooler than anything we get around these parts.