Nokia Plans to Navigate You Through the Mall

Nokia Plans to Navigate You Through the Mall


Up until now, most people have been turning to their GPS navigation devices to find their way around town or to navigate their way out of the forest. That’s all well and good, but if you happen to find yourself lost in the Mall of America, it’s not that helpful when it tells you that you are currently located in Minnesota.

In what could be one of the most interesting GPS applications of date, Nokia is reportedly working on a method of indoor GPS positioning that will guide you through a huge shopping mall or some other concrete jungle. This is a part of the company’s Wireless Systems and Services division. The assisted GPS would pinpoint your location inside of a building. Remember that most GPS systems need line of sight to the satellites to work. This Nokia solution, obviously, does not require a view of the sky.

Naturally, Nokia needs to manually map these buildings. Thus far, they have mapped 40 Nokia offices around the world and it’s starting to work on some public buildings too. A commercial trial is scheduled for later this year.