KDDI Solar Concept Phone Inspired by NASA Satellite

KDDI Solar Concept Phone Inspired by NASA Satellite


There is no shortage of awesome in Japan. If you ever have the chance to boot around in Shinjuku or Akihabara in Tokyo, you will absolutely be blown away by the sheer greatness of their gadgetry. They’re pretty innovative and, at times, pretty kooky too. Both apply to this latest cell phone concept.

KDDI is showing off a huge array of concept phones at CEATEC and one of the more notable handsets is the solar-powered unit displayed here. While in its closed position, the unnamed KDDI phone looks pretty unassuming if it weren’t for the bright yellow paintjob. However, the back side can be completely opened up to reveal several solar panels. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear that you are looking at a scale model of a NASA satellite.

Yes, you may look like a complete oddball with these solar panels propping out the side of your head, but you can feel just a little better for taking a greener route with your mobile communications. It’s just a concept, but it’s certainly an interesting one.