Sprint XOHM WiMAX Features Throttling and Application Blocking


    You know how everyone in Baltimore got all excited about the XOHM WiMAX rollout by Sprint that happened earlier this week? You may want to place those party hats aside for just a moment so that you can read the fine print. Yes, the 4G WiMAX service is alive and kicking in the city of Baltimore, presumably offering you all sorts of mobile broadband high-speed data, but there are a couple of catches.

    If you scrutinize the Acceptable Use and Network Management Policy, you’ll discover a couple of nuggets that may severely affect the way you surf on WiMAX. First, Sprint reserves the right to monitor and limit bandwidth. You can translate that as the ability to throttle your data speeds as they see fit, keeping heavy users in check so that they don’t bog down the network. Second, Sprint may monitor specific applications, like those for file sharing, and adjust your bandwidth speeds accordingly.

    XOHM may be fast, but only if Sprint lets you experience it fast.