EA Mobile Waiting to Charge for Android Games

EA Mobile Waiting to Charge for Android Games


Electronic Arts is firmly ensconced in the world of console games, occupying our living rooms with a wide assortment of sports games, action games, and all sorts of other games. EA also has its feet quite wet in the mobile front, so it would be a natural fit to see EA develop games for Google Android as well. EA agrees, but they’re not jumping in just yet.

You see, EA Mobile is definitely interested in developing Google Android games, but it is not so interested in giving them away for free. Rather, EA is going to sit on its haunches until the Android Market allows for paid applications. As it stands, only free apps are being made available. Namco is already giving away free copies of Android-fueled Pac-Man, but EA is going to take that route.

Capitalism at its finest. Let’s just hope that these paid apps are worth their respective price of admission.