Dell Preloads Computers with Robert Downey, Iron Man

Dell Preloads Computers with Robert Downey, Iron Man


Although some of its thunder was stolen by The Dark Knight, I think we’d all agree that Iron Man was quite the superhero hit of the summer. If you lived under a rock for all those months and didn’t have a chance to visit the local multiplex, take solace in the fact that you can now enjoy Iron Man from the comfort of your home. Robert Downey, Jr. is included too.

A regular DVD may suit most folks, but if you’re in the market for a new computer anyway, you may want to check out Dell’s offer of preloading your computer with Iron Man. While personalizing your Inspiron, Studio, or XPS computer, you will be presented with an option to preload it with (standard definition) Iron Man, along with some extras, for $20. This ushers in a new move from Dell that will see it preloading more laptops and desktops with entertainment content. Better than bloatware, I suppose.

The preloading phenomenon from Dell is also a step toward an eventual iTunes-like digital download store. Apple isn’t the only game in town.