HTC Touch Pro Heads to Telus This Week for $300

HTC Touch Pro Heads to Telus This Week for $300


Well, this is certainly a vast improvement in the style department compared to the HTC P4000. There were rumors that the HTC Touch Pro would be coming to Telus and now those are coming to fruition, because the HTC Touch Pro launches some time this week.

We haven’t heard any sort of official word directly from Telus, but the insider reports are saying that the launch is this week. You’re probably already familiar with the specs on this Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone, including its slide-out keyboard and slender profile, so I won’t dive too deep into that. What I will tell you is the much anticipated price on the Telus HTC Touch Pro.

While an unlocked GSM model will run you about $900, the Telus version can be had for just $299.99. That’s with a qualifying three-year contract. Alternatively, you can opt for a two-year, one-year, or no-year contract and get the phone for $550, $600, and $650, respectively.