Google Android Set to Invade China Too

Google Android Set to Invade China Too


This new smartphone platform is really starting to take the world by storm. Even though the T-Mobile G1 will be released initially in the United States, the rest of the globe is slowly being introduced to Android as well. The latest country to throw its name into the Google hat is China, it seems, because China Mobile may have signed on to offer Android-powered handsets.

The Google Android phone coming to the world’s most populated nation may or may not be a variant of the HTC Dream G1, but you have to remember that China Mobile is a member of the Google Open Handset Alliance. In fact, China Mobile is the only China-based mobile operator to be a part of that group. The original plan was to introduce a new smartphone by the end of this year, but a Q2 2009 launch now appears to be more likely.

Seeing how HTC already has its Android act together, China Mobile may turn to the Taiwanese manufacturer for its Google phone too.