Telus Starts Marketing HTC Touch Dual

Telus Starts Marketing HTC Touch Dual


We spotted a leaked Best Buy flyer a short while ago that pointed toward this possibility and now it has been indeed confirmed that Telus Mobility will be picking up the HTC Touch Dual. Given that everyone else is getting all excited over the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, it is a little curious that Telus would reach into the previous generation for another smartphone.

That said, the specs on this SureType-packing wonder still sound pretty good for the average consumer, though the lack of true QWERTY may be a deal breaker for corporate types. You still get Windows Mobile 6.1, high-speed 3G data, TouchFLO, and a 2 megapixel camera.

The price is certainly an attractive feature as well, seeing how you can nab the sliding smartphone for just $99.99. Unfortunately, that price for the HTC Touch Dual comes accompanied by a lengthy three-year contract.