Tamagotchi Virtual Pets, Now in Full Color!

Tamagotchi Virtual Pets, Now in Full Color!


I don’t know what’s more surprising: the fact that Bandai is still producing Tamagotchi keychain virtual pets or why it took them this bloody long to finally offer the little wonders with color displays. Both appear to be true, but given how much fun kids have the Nintendo DS and their cell phones these days, I can’t imagine why you would still want a ‘gotchi.

Maybe they’re still popular over in Asia. Whatever the case, Bandai has just announced that the Tamagotchi will soon be available with a color display, showing off their intrepid cuteness with a small palette of colors rather than the pixelated enjoyment of black and white. About 75 million Tamagotchi virtual pet toys have been sold since they were introduced in 1996.

The color versions take the Tamagotchi experience a touch beyond feeding, nurturing, and playing. You get to take them to the bathroom, kitchen, stores, and playgrounds too. Sigh. I hope they’re cheap, because I just don’t see the point anymore.