PhotoShop Mobile Isn’t What You Think It Is

PhotoShop Mobile Isn’t What You Think It Is


I use PhotoShop on a daily basis for some basic image editing and resizing, like for the images used in this post, and I realize that the application can be quite a bit of a resource hog. That’s why it was a little surprising when I first heard about the possibility of PhotoShop Mobile for cell phones. Unfortunately, it’s not the image editor that you would think it is.

Instead, PhotoShop Mobile, currently in beta, is little more than a mobile photo-sharing application that you can load up on a number of different smartphones. Take a picture and quickly share it with the rest of your PhotoShop buddies. Nope, there’s no resizing, clone stamping, hue adjustment, or anything like that. Supported Windows Mobile devices include the Moto Q9h, Palm Treo 750w, and Samsung BlackJack.

At least you can get started with a free account to see what PhotoShop Mobile is all about. Check it on on Adobe.