Clarion Keeps Entertainment On Your MiND


    We’re back on the convergence front again, but it has nothing to do with the latest cell phone. Instead, we turn our attention to the Clarion MiND, a handheld that effectively combines the functionality of a GPS navigator, portable media player, and mobile Internet device. Yup, you get GPS, PMP, and MID all in one handy handheld.

    The Clarion MiND, which is short for Mobile Internet Navigation Device, features a 4.8-inch VGA touchscreen display, 4GB solid state drive, Intel Atom processor, Linux OS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, Firefox web browser with full Flash support, GPS navigation, and a huge battery of audio/video format support. It’ll tackle everything from MP3 and WMA to Real video and OGG. It’s got love for H.264 too.

    The main screen gives you one-touch access to popular destinations like YouTube and MySpace, and the applications get topped up with things like email, calculator, and Wordpad. The standard battery only gets two hours of juice, so you’ll want to keep it plugged in whenever you have the chance. Check it out in November for $649. A 3G-equipped premium model is planned for Spring 2009.