Smartpants Shows Off One Massive Digital Picture Frame

Smartpants Shows Off One Massive Digital Picture Frame


While I don’t think that digital photo frames are quite as popular as people predicted, they are certainly making a fair bit of headway in the marketplace as their resolutions improve and their prices drop. Most digital picture frames fall into the seven to ten-inch range, but Smartpants is really pushing the envelope with its 32-inch frame.

At that size, would you even call it a digital picture frame anymore? Isn’t it just a slightly poor excuse for a proper television? You might as well buy a real LCD TV instead of a massive picture frame. In terms of specs, the 32-inch behemoth comes with Wi-Fi, support for Windows Live Photo Gallery, multi-card reader, and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Beyond photos, the Smartpants frame will also do PowerPoint, RSS, and PDFs. No video though, it seems.

No word on pricing or availability, so you’ll need to keep your ears to the ground for the Smartpants SP3200WF digital picture frame if you happen to still be interested.